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SPRINGFIELD – After the Illinois Senate approved the Fiscal Year 2025 budget and tax relief that will offer support for families, State Senator Javier Loera Cervantes (D-Chicago) released the following statement:

“Residents are struggling with rising costs across Illinois, which is why this year’s budget invests in a new child tax credit for low-income families. This will continue to offer relief for parents who are struggling to afford basic necessities and help provide them with more financial flexibility in their everyday budget.

“I am proud of my partnership with HOPE Chicago and I am excited to see $8 million go toward their initiative to help folks looking at higher education find new pathways through debt-free schooling opportunities. This will make higher education more accessible for families throughout our community.

“I am also grateful for the budget’s allocations to community violence prevention programs that assist residents with de-escalating and addressing the root causes of crime. I look forward to seeing investments into community development projects that will improve the quality of life of our residents and help continue the growth and prosperity of the 1st District.

“With funding for public safety, safety net hospitals, mental health resources and educational opportunities, we are incorporating the needs of diverse communities across the state into the budget. With these investments, Illinois will continue to support communities through this budget and make sure they have our support.”